Portsmouth is dog friendly?

Adventures in Portsmouth New Hampshire

I always forget people like dogs. I kind of still don’t. Am I allowed to say that as a person with a dog?

Last week I went to meet friends in Portsmouth NH with Murphy FC, and of course I think we won’t be allowed to go in anywhere. But who knew!! Every single hostess looked thrilled to see me and Murphy and said “of course, we looove dogs— what a cutie!!!” when I asked if we could sit outside. My friend who works in NH politics told me this wasn’t exactly legal so I won’t be referencing them here.

Our waitress asked if Murphy would like bacon or a chicken wing. Did you know dog’s can’t eat either of those? She (and I) apparently didn’t. Turns out, bacon is too fatty for dogs and chicken wings have bones that can kill Murphy. Yay Google! So I just asked for a paper plate, Murphy can be entertained by a paper plate for basically the entire time it takes me to drink a Sam Summer.

Portsmouth is Dog friendly?

Murphy sitting outside at “the docks” in Portsmouth while I get to eat some shrimp!

Here is the shrimp, in case you were wondering.

Fried Shrimp