Facebook Wall Birthday Contest


I challenged my Facebook friends to write me “Birthday Poem’s” in lieu of just writing “Happy Birthday” on my Facebook wall. The poems got so good that I’m going to have my Dad judge them and award a winner.

I was super impressed with the creativity of my friends, and it’s also funny to see similar themes throughout them.

Obviously my Mom is disqualified because she’s TOO qualified.

Roses are red

Violets are blue

On September 26th

I gave birth to you

We were excited to have a baby girl

Who had lots of dark hair and her Dad’s curl

We brought you home in the little white bug

To lots of smiles and a great big hug

We wish you happiness on this your day

And hope that sunshine always comes your way

Love Mom

In no order:

She’s a sapphire girl through and through…however these days I only see her when celebrating the red white and blue…Don’t mess with a Libra, I’ve seen her dance like a zebra…so here is my Happy Birthday to you.

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Don’t want to lose an FB friend

So how are you?

A birthday is coming

The cake’s almost made

Hope you enjoy it

The end of a decade!

On sept 26 a fair maiden was born. The flowers danced in the sun and the stars were forlorn . Every night the moon looks down just to see, heavens beautiful creation that has friended me.

Havent seen ya since last June but we’ll be seeing you very soon..we’ll be going to the club cheri the one by the sea…you loved the decor but they arnt there anymore…its still a good spot to shake what you got…next time ill see yas it’ll be christmas really do miss yas..but for now happy birthday and hope that irish boy is bringing you lots of joy

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who has the whitest teeth of all? It’s Ellen’s birthday, give her best wishes & a “hello!” She will surely smile back & make your teeth look yellow 😬

Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

I wish I was still

As young as you

We met in 2005

Boy was it one wild ride

Now you’re married and glowing

This just goes to show it’s

The luck of the Irish my friend

A birthday wish as high as the sky

We miss our girl but love seeing you fly!

Happy BDay and visit soon!

Today is your special day

To always get your way

But pretend Gary has a say

Best wishes for a year

That’s filled without a tear

And cheers with an ice cold beer!

There once was a hottie named Ellen

Whose job was to always be sellin’

A life coach on the side

And of course she speaks bride

She’s more badass than even a felon

Happy birthday to you

and rejoice that you  are not an old woman living in a shoe!

We met over a pitcher of sangria

And decided we’d be besties

year-ah after year-hhh!

So take this take day

It is yours!

Happy birthday to u and cheers to many more!!!

We met in the 5th grade

Our lunches we would trade

We really hung out during basketball

Where you pushed me and I would fall

In 6th we were part of a crew

“How would I live without you”

Manic panic and sun in

Man did we commit hair sin

Napkin shirts and black pants

Always classy at a school dance

Pimps and hoes in Philly

Having to drive a stick shift in Raleigh

Now husband,dog and baby none the less

But forever ill call you my best!

Happy Birthday Ellen,

What hot new Tickets are you sellin’?

i heard its Murphy’s Birthday too

does he have a present for you ?

Maybe the ticket’s for a 5k race

Murphy’s poo might kill your pace

Murphy left his present on the trail

hope you get better one’s in the mail

You and I first met in the great Irish State

Upon which we rightly knew it was fate

And through adventures in Rome

And lots of time on the phone

We became each others’ maid

And clearly our friendship didn’t fade

Yet I’m still glad to say

That we’ll be friends 40 years from today

and…..Happy BirthDAY

We found ourselves in a sea of Irish men

And on a cocktail napkin I wrote with a pen,

“Here’s my number, lets hang out!”

To which you immediately began to shout,

“Bobbles and Ice, buy us a shot!”

But pints of Magner’s we’re all we got,

Then from afar Gary McDonald appeared

He gave us a look and said “you’re weird”.

As if that would stop us from making a scene,

Of course not-we were born with the Irish gene!

Demands for free shots began to made,

How quickly Elaine’s respect for us began to fade.

Laughter and chaos soon filled the air

The bar staff and patrons all began to stare.

This was the start of something great,

Ellen and Natalie meeting at Tir Na Nog was truly fate.

Ellen Fleming Clark

Speaks bride, wife, but not mother.

Murphy doesn’t care.

To the girl who always says “Sips Ahoy!”

May your birthday be filled with much joy

May the carbs not be carby

May your boobs perk like Barbie

May you be spoiled by your Irish house boy …


roses are red, violets are blue… ellen loves her dog, way more than you.

Ellen Flem is a snapchat fein,

She’s got a sassy little tude and says what she means.

Tuna and cottage cheese are her midday snack,

What do you expect with an ass like that?

From anchors to scarves, pearls to wine,

Call El Flem for a grand old time!

She’s daughter of Susan and Kevin

With beauty like angels from heaven.

Great fun you expect,

Because that’s what you get,

On Thursday she’s 17+11!

Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m coming to Salem, to get wasted with u!!

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue

My MOH Speech

Counts as my

Poem for you

E xceptional

L ovely

L imber (for Gary)

E loquent

N oble

When I first met Ellen, I was covered in goo

She looked down at me like, “who the hell are you?”

I was yet another brother, not the sister she wanted

No bother to Ellen, she embraced me undaunted

With beautiful intelligence it is no surprise

The woman you’ve grown into right before my eyes

A friend I can call anytime for a chat

And talk about things I can’t say to Pat

You’re one of kind, deserving all you can picture

I love you so much, Happy Birthday big sister!

Happy birthday, im going to say, i love listening to green day while i lay in hay in the month of may in norway ole ole ole

An Ellen Fleming Clark friendship, well what does that mean?
Ugly sweater party traditions and Salem Halloweens.
Snapchats, Facebook chat and texts inbetween,
Murphy FC, Chobani, Warrenpoint, and The Marine.
Push the Button, Status Likes, and Wife Lessons too,
Ralph Lauren, Anchors, Beach Pics, and Navy Blue.
Running, Gyming it at lunch, and Britney’s ‘Work Bitch’
Gary, Irish boys and Abercrombie & Fitch.
I’m your ‘stolen friend’, and you’re one of the best to find,
Born two weeks apart and we’re two of a kind!
Happy birthday Ellen, I hope brings you so much joy!
Let’s raise a glass for you today, Sips Ahoy! X


That’s the way to be!

Loving life on the NH Seacoast.

Then down to Salem, where witches they boast.

Running all around with her dog,

Cause that girl definitely knows how to jog.

Ellen Fleming Clark–that’s her name,

And being awesome is her claim to fame!

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I got really hammered last night, And didn’t finish my poem for you.


I Speak Bride

  How many brides actually have the balls to pull off a Pinterest picture ? This wedding may have actually pre-dated Pinterest. Well done.